Some pictures of gatherings at Create@Warburton

Previous workshops

In March 2015, we were fortunate to have Vivian Broadway run a fabric printing workshop at Create@Warburton.

Vivian Broadway prints on fabric using a Gelatine Plate background and layers this with Lino Cut prints to create unique Fat Quarters and Feature Panels for Patchwork and Quilting. Her artworks are often inspired by her overgrown native garden, where she lives in Bayside, Melbourne, with her understanding husband, three children and their three chooks. 

Prior to devoting more time to hand crafting her fabrics for quilting, Vivian started in Interior Design and Decorating, before specialising in Soft Furnishings. 

Vivian favours creating simple and stylized designs and is particularly interested in the appeal of hand crafted textile art and the interest imperfections create, adding to the uniqueness of each piece. 

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